The Ridges Urban Stormwater Retrofit



Asotin County has received a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) to initiate design of a project to improve drainage, reduce chronic flooding issues, and improve water quality within an area of the Ridges Subdivision (The Ridges). This area consists of Pitchstone Drive, Ryegate Lane, Deer Pointe Drive, Cobblestone Way, Rock Ridge Way, Billy Meadows Lane, Touchstone Lane, and 3rd Avenue.

The grant covers planning and engineering services thru 90% design, which will be used in an application for future grant funding for construction of the recommended improvements. To help complete the current grant-funded project, the County has hired Aspect Consulting, LLC (Aspect).

Several drainage problem locations have been identified, and initial conceptual solutions were developed to address the known problems. See the following maps for more detail.

Map 1 – Known Problem Areas
Map 2 – Preliminary Conceptual Retrofit Components

After receiving resident input from a previously posted survey, a series of alternative solutions was developed, and a preferred alternative was selected for design. As part of the grant agreement, the preferred alternative was presented to Ecology and accepted on June 4, 2020.

The preferred alternative calls for improvements within existing County right-of-way and drainage easements at multiple locations within The Ridges, including installation of subsurface stormwater treatment and infiltration facilities, installation of surface treatment and infiltration facilities, and conveyance improvements.

See the following map for more detail:

Map 3 – Preferred Conceptual Retrofits 

Ecology has provided grant funding to complete a 90% design package for the project (construction drawings, specifications, and cost). We are currently scheduled to have 90% design completed by Spring 2021. It is our goal to use the 90% design to request additional grant funding from Ecology to complete final design and construct the project.

If you have any further comments, concerns regarding this project, or wish to stay informed as the project progresses, please contact the County’s consultant:

Will Guyton, Aspect Consulting
(509) 945-0488
[email protected]