Asotin County Stormwater Urban Retrofit


Asotin County Stormwater successfully obtained a grant for the design of a project that will improve water quality by retrofitting stormwater structures to the identified problem area (see project boundary and vicinity map). Stormwater improvements are focused around Low Impact Development (LID) techniques in an effort to deal with the drainage problems by disturbing as small amount of land as possible. Through investigation, the following areas were identified as priority areas for stormwater improvements:

  • 14th Street & Poplar Street
  • Poplar Street (Residence 1423)
  • Poplar Street (Residence 1585)
  • Maple Street (Residence 1335)
  • Maple Street & 16th Street
  • Elm Street & Van Arsdol Street
  • Chestnut Street & 16th Street
  • Birch Street & 14th Street
  • Elm Street & 14th Street
  • Libby Street & Van Arsdol Court