County of Asotin

Regional Stormwater Program

Inform. Educate. Prevent.

Management Team

The Management Team is made up of elected representatives and staff from Clarkston, Asotin and the County.  The current membership is:

City of Asotin Dave Weakland, Council
City of Asotin Bob Portlock, Designee
City of Clarkston John Murray, Council
City of Clarkston Edward Coffland, Public Works Director
Asotin County Brian Shinn, Commissioner
Asotin County Russ Pelleberg, Public Works Director
Coordinator Russ Pelleberg, Non-voting Member


The Management Team’s role is to guide the day-to-day operations of the Regional Stormwater Program and make recommendations for policies, procedures and budgets to the elected officials of the three entities.

More detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of the Management Team can be found in the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement.


Agendas & Minutes