County of Asotin

Regional Stormwater Program

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Interlocal Agreements

One of the benefits of the new Phase II Stormwater Permit process is the ability to work cooperatively with other governments that are under the Permit as well. Asotin County has signed interlocal agreements with the City of Clarkston and the City of Asotin in order to share the responsibilities and costs associated with developing stormwater plans and implementing the Permit requirements. Asotin County and the Cities of Asotin and Clarkston all received money from the Department of Ecology as part of a grant program to help get the Phase II programs off to a good start. The three governments decided to pool their grant money together into one fund, and to set up a committee called the Management Team that will decide how to best use the combined funds. Asotin County has accepted the responsibility of being the lead agency in the committee. The committee will consist of the Asotin County Director of Public Works/Engineer, the City of Asotin Attorney, the City of Clarkston Director of Public Works, and one elected official from each entity.

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Permit Area

The Phase II Permit requirements will be implemented through the stormwater management plan in the Permit Area. The Permit Area is the current 20-year planning boundary as defined by the Lewis-Clark Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The purpose of the MPO is to look at regional transportation needs rather than looking at transportation improvements in isolation by political jurisdiction. By using the current MPO 20-year planning boundary, we can support regional goals of orderly improvement, development and growth of the communities.

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