County of Asotin

Regional Stormwater Program

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Certified Erosion And Sediment Control Lead (CESCL)

As of October 1, 2006, the Department of Ecology Construction Stormwater General Permit requires all site inspections to be completed by Ecology approved Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL). This is required on any project of one acre or more with any stormwater on site.

CESCL Training

The CESCL training will prepare construction site operators to manage construction sites that require the permit issued by Asotin County, City of Asotin or City of Clarkston for both medium and large projects as well as Department of Ecology’ construction stormwater permit.
The first day of class is spent in the classroom and will include review of the newly adopted construction ordinances. Lunch is provided. The second day participants will spend the morning in the classroom and break for lunch on their own; meeting afterward at a field site to install and test Best Management Practices (BMPs). The initial CESCL certification is valid for three years. Upon expiration a one-day recertification may be attended to renew the certification for another three years.

CESCL Recertification

The one-day training is spent in the classroom going over Ecology updates and new information pertaining to the stormwater requirements and BMPs. The newly adopted construction ordinances for the cities of Clarkston and Asotin and Asotin County will also be reviewed. Lunch is provided. Certification is good for three years.

CESCL Database

All CESCLs will be listed on Ecology’s CESCL database. Search Ecology's CESCL Database to find the status of your current CESCL certification or to find individuals who have completed CESCL training.

Washington Department of Ecology CESCL Database