County of Asotin

Regional Stormwater Program

Inform. Educate. Prevent.

Special Conditions

The cities of Clarkston and Asotin and Asotin County adopted a construction ordinance that requires CESCL inspections for large projects that disturb one acre or more; and requires planning for and installation of erosion and sediment control practices for medium projects disturbing more than 5,000 sq. ft but less than one acre. To review the ordinances, click here.

The goal of these permits is to reduce or eliminate stormwater pollution and other impacts to surface waters from construction sites. Construction site activities disturb the land and, when it rains, can create a lot of muddy, polluted stormwater. When this muddy stormwater runs off-site (also known as discharge), it often causes sediment increases and alters the water chemistry in local streams, rivers, wetlands, and lakes. This lowers water quality and often harms the uses that humans, fish, and other wildlife rely upon.

 Land Disturbing Activities Means:

  • Any activity that results in movement of earth, or a change in the existing soil cover (both vegetative and non vegetative) and/or the existing soil topography.
  • Land disturbing activities include, but are not limited to clearing, grading, filling, stockpiling materials and excavation.
  • Compaction associated with stabilization of structures and road construction shall also be considered a land disturbing activity.
  • Vegetation maintenance practices are not considered land-disturbing activity.