County of Asotin

Regional Stormwater Program

Inform. Educate. Prevent.

Public Education and Outreach

The Regional Stormwater Program must develop and implement a formal Public Education and Outreach (PE&O) Program aimed at distributing educational materials to the community about the impacts of stormwater discharges to water bodies and the steps that can be taken to reduce pollutants in stormwater. All target audiences must be identified by February 16, 2010 and a PE&O plan must be fully developed and implemented by August 15, 2011. The following are the minimum requirements, based on land uses and target audiences found within the community:

  1. Provide information for the general public about:
    1. Improving water quality and protecting beneficial uses of waters of the state
    2. Potential impacts from stormwater discharges
    3. Methods of avoiding, minimizing, reducing and/or eliminating adverse impacts of stormwater discharges
    4. Actions individuals can take to improve water quality, including participation in local environmental stewardship activities
  2. Provide information for businesses and the general public about:
    1. Preventing illicit discharges, including what constitutes illicit discharges
    2. The impacts of illicit discharges
    3. Promoting the proper management and disposal of toxic materials
    4. Education and outreach activities associated with illicit discharges
    5. Education activities to reduce the types of discharges
  3. Provide information for engineers, construction contractors, developers, development review staff, and land use planners about:
    1. Technical standards
    2. Development of stormwater site plans and erosion control plans
    3. Stormwater BMPs for reducing adverse impacts from stormwater runoff from development sites