Report a Spill

Call the Stormwater Program Hotline to report a spill or stormwater problem: (509) 243-2071!

Dumping of materials into the system is not only a bad idea – it’s against the law.

If you see any of the unauthorized discharges (illicit discharges) listed to the right, please call the Stormwater Program Hotline at 509-243-2071. If you feel this is an emergency, please dial 911.

If you have a spill, CLEAN IT UP! Never wash spilled gasoline, chemicals, paint or oil into the street or gutters. Use kitty litter or absorbent material to capture the liquid, then sweep it up and dispose of it properly. If you can see the spilled material is traveling into the system, use old towels, rags or other absorbent material to stop it and call the Stormwater Program Hotline at 509-243-2071 right away.


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